Utah Retirement Information

The state has spectacular scenery and parks. Five national parks and six national monuments showcase Utah’s geological splendor. The Great Salt Lake is the largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere.

Utah is home to "Sundance" - the most well-known independent film festival in the country. Salt Lake City, Utah’s largest urban area, is also the religious capital of the “Mormons”.

Utah is an outdoorsman's paradise. The hiking here is world-class, and there are many places to go camping.

Living In Utah
Weather 300 days of sunshine per year
Tornadoes Moderate risk every year
Hurricanes None
Earthquakes Extremely Rare
Wildfires Rare
Flooding Some along rivers
Tidal Surges None
Mud Slides Rare
Volcanoes None
Snow Yes
Freezing Rain Yes
Cold Winds Yes
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