North Dakota Retirement Information

North Dakota is an inexpensive place to live. The median home costs just over $100,000 - roughly one-third less than the median cost in the U.S. as a whole. North Dakota has a thriving economy, much of it due to the oil industry.

North Dakota's delightful summer season is at its best in June, July and August, and is perfect for all outdoor activities. They have lots of outdoor recreation. Hunting and fishing are popular, from upland game birds to big-game species to waterfowl. Residents of North Dakota tend to be friendly.

Living In North Dakota
Weather Summers are hot, winters very cold, and rainfall sparse to moderate, with periods of drought.
Tornadoes Moderate Risk
Thunderstorms Yes
Hurricanes None
Earthquakes None
Wildfires Rare
Flooding Some along rivers
Tidal Surges None
Mud Slides None
Volcanoes None
Snow Yes, sometimes heavy
Freezing Rain Yes
Cold Winds Yes
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