Maine Retirement Information

Rolling, snow-capped mountains and dense forests are cut by crisp lakes and rivers, providing plenty of opportunities for sailing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. Maine beaches complete the dreams of retirement you have always dreamed of. Four seasons of unspoiled natural beauty is hard to beat too.

Famous residents include The Rockefellers, the Bushes at Kennebunkport, and thousands of rich American families summer and retire on the Maine coast.

There is no place quite like Maine for retirement, for low cost investment, for safety and family values, work ethic, with less traffic, no pollution, and the 4th lowest crime state. Outdoor recreation is hard to beat in Maine, it's called Vacationland on every Maine license plate for a reason.

Maine is one of the most beautiful states to hike, boat, swim, bike, horse trail ride, photograph, or ski down Sugarloaf or Sunday River power snow trails. Snow-sledding, cross country and down hill skiing, ice fishing, pond hockey and snowshoeing are favorite past times during winter.

Enjoy one of 2,200 lakes or over 6,000 Maine water bodies, and 3,478 miles of world famous Maine coast line. Maine fall weather offers warm sunny days and foliage fireworks of brilliant color. The tail end of winter ushers in maple syrup gathering of the best syrup you have ever poured on pancakes.

Living In Maine
Weather Maine summer temperature is a comfortable average 70 degrees. Winter temperature average is 22 degrees, above zero.
Tornadoes Moderate risk every year
Thunderstorms Yes
Hurricanes Yes, sometimes a Nor'easter too
Earthquakes Extremely Rare
Wildfires Rare
Flooding Some along rivers
Tidal Surges Yes
Mud Slides None
Volcanoes None
Snow Yes, heavy at times
Freezing Rain Yes
Cold Winds Yes
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