Hawaii Retirement Information

Hawaii has some of the most breathtaking, natural beautiful scenery in the world. The fresh, floral air energizes you and the waters refresh you.

Six unique islands offer distinct experiences that will entice you. The state's diverse landscape includes beaches, erupting volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, tropical rainforests, breezy beaches and arid, wind-swept plains.

The climate is very appealing. There are basically 2 seasons, the warm summer months from about May to October, and the cooler winter months from November to about April. The humidity is high, as with any tropical climate, but the ocean breeze can make it very pleasant.

Hawaii's cost of living is 77% higher than the national average and the median home will set you back $495,700.

The word "aloha" is a greeting Hawaiians say when they welcome visitors or meet one another, it means love.

Living In Hawaii

Weather in Hawaii is very consistent, with only minor changes in temperature throughout the year. Temperatures at sea level generally range from highs of 85-90 degrees F during the summer months to 79-83 degrees F during the winter months. Frequent light showers fall in Hawaii.

Tornadoes None
Thunderstorms Yes
Hurricanes Yes, called cyclones
Earthquakes Extremely Rare
Wildfires Rare
Flooding No
Tidal Surges Called Tsunami
Mud Slides Rare
Volcanoes Yes, active
Snow Yes, they have skiing!
Freezing Rain No
Cold Winds No
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